What an honor, pleasure, wonder to be alive...  I try to live in each moment, and draw it into my camera for keeps. They say photos can heal.  I say photos can bring life as well.  

It's been said...That I am too interested in people, in 'strangers'... I’ve been teased, that for me to go into a store and grab a carton of milk takes me 45 minutes because I tend to strike up conversations with everyone, and they seem to converse back with me (so it seems that I don't give the 'creep vibe' but more a vibe of genuine interest! (Phew!)

I bring you life as I happen to see it and experience it, for you to interpret and feel…as you view my art.

My hope is that the magic that was sucked into my camera...will be emitted to you with even more force and impact then when it went in, with...the wonder of photography...the beauty of interpretation.  

So maybe they're right... as they say I talk too much, I apparently write too much... as well.  ;)

But that is me. That is my photography. I hope it talks too much. I hope it talks to you..

cyndacandoit © 2013